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AliN: Tous différents / AliN : Differents

Axelle Colau

Noir d'Absinthe

#Children #School #Bullying

Middle school is hell. Especially since Guillaume and his little gang targeted me. Mockery, low blows, bullying, they are relentless, and I suffer, paralyzed by fear. Lili, my best friend since I was a child, also benefits from the unenviable status of a regular painin-the-ass. Guillaume has driven us apart, and I can no longer reach the one for whom my heart beats... except when I pick up my violin and she sings. Then I feel myself growing wings. Wings that reality cuts off as soon as we step back into college. Will we manage to find our freedom and take flight, Lili and I?


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«A moving story written with fluidity, with simplicity, with accuracy. A story that can only bring out a whole bunch of emotions, it is just impossible to remain insensitive to the ordeal that Adrien and Lili are going through. [...] I finished my reading in tears, so if you are as sensitive as I am, prepare yourself for an emotional tsunami and especially a box of Kleenex not too far away, it will be useful.» - Alouka Lecture

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