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Plume Blanche

#Fantasy #YoungAdult #Destiny #Sister

Trapped in a meaningless life, Leah is still looking to find herself. One thing is certain: she would never have thought of dying by lightning. But now, she is dead for sure. And she is in Allunia.Hunted, embarked by a rebellious group, Leah finds herself in this strange place where ancestral magic and new technology are intimately linked and where souls tend to have mysterious powers that, when misused, lead to terrible consequences.


Rights Agreements

French Audio


"Leaving her home, her loved ones, abandoning all her bearings to wage guerrilla warfare when all she had to do was bury her head in the sand and go on with her normal life was scary. She herself would not have been sure she was capable of it, if she had been given the choice".


"Shineyka August 18, 2021
It would teach her to lose herself in her memories. Usually, she forced herself to contemplate them from a distance, as she would look at fish in a murky aquarium, but these ones had taken her by surprise, and she had let herself be overwhelmed."


"Tiphs immerses us in a magical universe. Magnificent landscapes, threatening fauna and remarkable constructions."

"This novel brings together everything I love about it: endearing and charismatic characters (all of them, with my favorite, Alinoé), a well-constructed and original universe (magic and technology skillfully combined), a well-paced plot, and humorous repartee (I love the dialogue and the revealed thoughts). A pleasure to read."

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