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Arrête, Margaret ! / Stop, Margaret!

Adeline Russier

Editions l'alchimiste

#FeelGood #Fiction #Complaining #Happy

   Margaret is a young woman like many others. And, like everyone else, she grumbles. The weather, her two children, her job, her husband, the misfortunes of the world, her life. Everything is open for complain.
   But by dint of her whining, she has brought a terrible curse upon herself: she is doomed to a future full of bitterness and loneliness. Her only chance to free herself from the curse is to stop complaining completely for twenty-eight consecutive days. And she only has three months to do it!
   Can Margaret replace her black words with rainbow words? When she accepts the challenge, the young woman has no idea how much this experience will change her life, and maybe even the world. 


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« Stop, Margaret! is a feel-good, funny, optimistic novel. While reading it, one cannot help but smile (or even laugh). However, Margaret is a little bit of each of us. Who has never grumbled about a trifle? How to avoid grumbling?» - Des plumes et
des livres.

"This novel gives us advice by proxy and gives us the opportunity to reflect on our own personal experience and helps us to stop grumbling or at least to grumble in small doses. Margaret is a woman of her time, active, creative and full of joy of life, this challenge is going to sadden her a little bit, she will sometimes feel like she doesn't belong if she doesn't grumble, because according to her everyone grumbles and by stopping she feels left out. She will also try to educate her children differently thanks to the advice given. This novel is perfectly well written, it's a feel-good but under a background of personal development and I love the style. A great novel that devours quickly and that will make you see in a different light the grumblers!"

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