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De l'autre côté de l'eau / On the other side of the water

Sarah Clain

Plume Blanche

#Children #Friendship #Fantasy #Magic

In a wonderful city, with houses made of gigantic trees and protected by five great Sages, Enor leads a carefree life with her parents. The arrival of Shadrack, an enigmatic boy who seems to hold many secrets, will upset all her certainties. «To leave this world, you have to cross the water.» But what is so mysterious on the other side?


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«In an invented world, the author invites us to be curious. I loved the universe created by the author with resonances with other known universes and yet a coherence and a very particular beauty. I really like the author’s pen, fluid and precise at the same time, a little poetic too. A novel that I will warmly recommend.» - Chrisbookine

Everyone was prepared for the Big Night Out. It was a once-in-a-lifetime event for a student. Enor's father was still telling stories about his. It was more than just an outing, it was a journey into the heart of the forest. For all of them, this was a highly anticipated event, because for the first time, they would be separated from their families.

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