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Les Baleines Célèstes/Celestial Whales

Elodie Serrano

Plume Blanche

#Fantasy #Children #Legends #Space Opera #Ecology #Whales

As Captain Alexandra Levisky’s spaceship skims the edges of the universe, no one expects a crew member’s clumsiness to release one of the legendary Celestial Whales. But the gigantic fugitive is heading straight for the historic heart of the galaxy, risking the destruction of several worlds in its path...


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French Audiobook


"Left alone, Alexandra contemplated her library. One souvenir per person. One book. Of all her collection, patiently accumulated over the years, she could only save one. Which one? Which one deserved to be saved the most? The great classic, with so few copies? Her favorite story? The most expensive? The one to which she attached the most sentimental value? No one should have to choose."

"As Asimov had predicted in his time, Man had indeed colonized space. The disappointment of not finding any other form of life had been swept away by the enthusiasm: the universe belonged to him! From gas giant to rocky dwarf, from terraforming to colonization, the human being now populated the smallest rock. He had even discovered the limits of the universe. And boredom, again, for lack of unknown to explore."


"Thus, The celestial whales is a very good read: light, fluid and sweet, it makes you smile and takes you on a very nice adventure..." - LES RÊVERIES D’ISIS

I enjoyed immersing myself in this work full of poetry and wonder at these dreamlike creatures. The reading is relaxing, without violence, and delivers a message of safeguarding animal species. I have no doubt that this novel by Élodie Serrano will contribute to change mentalities, to tend towards a gentler world with the living.

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