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Blood Witch

Léna Jomahé

Plume Blanche

#Fantasy #Adult #Vampires #Werewolf #Witch

Erika is an ordinary student, well almost! Unpredictable, childish and full of sarcastic humor, it is with surprise that a man who knows her comes to see her one night. Quickly, she learns that she is a witch! But the good news doesn’t stop there! She could hardly get used to the idea, that she dies. Turned into a vampire by someone close to her, she now has to tame her uncontrollable powers. If only no one was trying to kill her....


Rights Agreements


French audio


"As a rule, at the Pub, those who got my name clung to me like bees to a honey pot. I could have told you about the flies, but considering what they were clinging to, it wouldn't have been very flattering for my little person!"


«The author mistreats her characters and doesn’t hesitate to make deaths. It’s a worthy page-turner. And the ending... OMG! The ending! This choice is bold and very daring, I liked this risk-taking. It was necessary to dare, Léna Jomahé did it.» Babelio review.

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