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100 jours de Nuit

100 days of Night

Plume Blanche

Even at the edge of the Night, hope is allowed.

Since the appearance of these strange domes of fogs, the USSR and the United States left space of the eyes to launch out in a new form of conquest. My brother is the first pilot to be chosen to try a breakthrough. This event is already shaping up to be historic. I am so proud of him. My hero. Our hero, all of us. Well, that was before he discovered some terrible secrets... before the countdown to our lives began.

Young Adult, fantastique

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The fog zone grew and grew. For nights I dreamed that it swallowed our house, mom and daddy helplessly at my side repeated "Don't look Gabrielle, don't look."
In the morning the whole family assembled in front of the television set discovered that the misty bell measured approximately ten kilometers in diameter at its base. A chimney of the same material rose in its top to lose itself in altitude. Around noon, it stopped. The wind fell down suddenly. The army was dispatched to surround it with barbed wire, sandbags and soldiers with their rifles pointed at it

This novel is a UFO, I loved my reading, the story is gripping, the investigation is breathtaking. But sometimes it can be a bit slow. I did not expect this turnaround at all! I had a great time!


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