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Editions Alchimiste

We dive into a dark and futuristic universe where man is enslaved by technology which he believes he cannot live without, to ensure his existence

In a world recovering from chaos, all human beings have been implanted with a
biotech chip to survive a terrible pandemic. Miya, an orphan, evolves in this dark
universe with wizard powers of which she knows neither the limits, nor the true
uses. Everything changes when she is kidnapped by an unknown person during a
confrontation with the cyber police.
Coming to her senses in a center far from any civilization, with a new strange group
of people. Miya doesn’t know it yet, but her destiny is completely tied to the survival
of humanity. The countdown is on. Will Miya be ready in time? Is she even aware
of the dangers she will face? What price will she be willing to pay? The price of
her life?


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The whole world was living in a movie that doesn't even exist. It was barely a set. Each one was his own, no one was living in the same world. And yet, the wars had supposedly disappeared. Of course they had! Everyone was dead in truth! It was a total extinction of human consciousness, of individuality, of difference, of beauty.

«In short, although 2048 is not my favorite genre, I was seduced by the universe created, which
gives a disturbing and oppressive atmosphere, but especially by the character of Miya, who I liked
a lot. A nice discovery that I’m sure should amply delight readers who like novels off the beaten
track! » - CassCrouton.


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