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Black Haters

Black Haters

Black Ink

Her future was set, his future could not be more uncertain. Belonging to the Elite means perfection without free will. Nellyanna, daughter of Councilman Mavoy, is about to celebrate her older sister's lavish wedding.
On this occasion, she meets Lander, a mysterious man determined to confuse her.
But the event of the year is disrupted by an attack perpetrated by the Black Haters, a small group working in the shadows, demanding justice and truth from the government that oppresses them as much as it hides them from the people. Nellyanna's destiny changes when she is kidnapped by the rebels and realizes that her world is built on unmentionable secrets.
Will Lander sign her doom or her freedom? And what is this truth that escapes her?

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"Black Haters is an excellent dystopia that leaves no respite from reading thanks to its endearing characters and its plot that does not fail to play with us. A novel that grabs us and makes us go through all the stages of emotion, but above all, a novel that does not leave us indifferent and makes us think. Love, power, violence, and sadness are mixed together in a way that breaks our hearts in many ways. A gripping novel, provided with twists and turns that do not allow any boredom and that make it fascinating!" Carine

"If you're looking for an adrenaline-filled, fast-paced story with a cleverly thought-out plot, told with genius and a dose of sadism, Black Haters is for you!" Eloise


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