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Concile de Merlin

The Council of Merlin

Editions Alchimiste

Year 535. The Breton kingdom died along with Arthur at Camlann. Chaos ravages
the island of Brittany, driving Merlin into exile in Armorica. In Brech El Lean,
the old sage organizes a secret meeting. Worried about the posterity of the druids’
teaching, he unveils a priceless treasure: Aramaic manuscripts on the life of Christ.
Merlin wishes to share them with them, as a token of good faith, and thinks that this
will create a bridge between Christians and Druids in order to find a way out of the
current crises.
But the next day, the Druid strangely disappears, leaving his daughter in the hands
of multiple enemies, ready to do anything to eliminate her and take the treasure at
the same time. In spite of herself, Gwendaëlle plunges into an intrigue that exceeds
the stakes imagined. The greatest powers, from Clovis to the Pope, as well as Arthur
himself are involved. Fates cross and intertwine. Gwendaëlle will have to follow in
the footsteps of her father’s past and go to the ends of the earth to find answers. Who
was really her father and where did he get these texts? Did he and Arthur finally find
the Grail?

history, Fantasy

Releasing date : 







A complete illustrated set by Igor Burlakov aka DartGarry (one of
the illustrators of the famous Mysterium game)


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