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Dark Ages

Dark Ages - The fallen Princess

Black Ink

The Vikings sweep across the seas to plunder everything in their path. Pictavia is not spared. To save his kingdom, the king has no choice but to make a pact with the northern invaders. A few years later, great sails darken the coasts to take back the Pictish princess who was promised to them.
Sole heiress to the throne, Nola does not yet know that she must marry a man she does not know. Kidnapped by these barbarians, she will have to learn to live with this Viking who never stops tormenting her. She will never be able to love a man so cold and contemptuous. Runn aspires to remain a ruthless warrior and takes a dim view of this foreigner that his king and father imposes on him as a wife.
However, the gods seem to be working hard to bring them together. In the face of hardship, they will have to join forces and perhaps they will learn to love each other beyond what they had imagined?

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"Very good moment of reading which embarks us in the country of Vikings. A historical romance that keeps us on our toes!" Val
"A dive into a world of mythology, romance and action for our greatest happiness." Fluffy
"A dynamic book that is so addictive that it devours itself. A historical romance immersing you in a world of Vikings, action and passion." Juliette
"A novel full of twists and turns, action, betrayals, secrets and sometimes barbarity, but also a very touching love story. Clearly, there's never a dull moment." Sarah


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