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Black Ink

Charlie is no dreamer, but she is determined. She comes from the bad parts of Chicago and an equally bad family, and she's determined to make a better future for herself. Men are incidental, her experience has convinced her not to rely on them. She only knows bad boys and has finally convinced herself that romance and love are not for her. But then there's this guy who comes to sing one night in the bar where she works, and who doesn't treat her like the others. It's hard not to fall for him. How could she imagine that this handsome dark-haired man with a French accent and Slavic origins is planning to engage in a completely different kind of love?

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"I was blown away by the power of this story. With this novel, Emma Landas gets right in our faces by bringing to light heartbreaking themes. She captured the essence of love and magnified it with heroes who were not suited for love." The enchanted world of my readings
"In addition to being original, this story takes you by storm and you come out of it feeling great." LycAllam
"THE book that makes you think, that pushes you to go and document yourself on the historical facts on which the author relies, and the one that puts you face to face with humanity." Jess


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