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Hier reviendra

Yesterday will return

Editions Alchimiste

Yesterday Will Return is a journey beyond convictions, the story of a difference and the quest for an intimate reconstruction.

Eric and Barbara are happy parents, but the day a tragedy sweeps away their world and turns their lives upside down,
the sky darkens. When the time comes to rebuild, they are confronted with the strange behavior of one of their sons. To
try to understand him, they will try to look at the world through his childish eyes and will launch into research that will
never cease to surprise and upset them. For the love of their little boy, they will gradually abandon their reference points.
But how far will they be willing to change their perception of reality and how far will they go to free their son from his

literary fiction, Initiatory

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Barbara sighs. She knows her son by heart. When he has decided, he knows how to act to get what he wants. A real stubborn person who doesn't give up until he is satisfied. Usually, she rarely gives in to him, but today, she has neither the desire nor the energy to manage his whims.

Julie Broly offers us a story that is painful but that gives us a sense of fulfillment once the journey has begun. A kind of initiatory quest that reconciles past and present, pain and acceptance, loss and mourning. The latter is in a way the red thread of this picturesque story. Accepting the pain of grief and shaping it to make the best of it.


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