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Je cueillerai la vie et je te l'offrirai

I will gather life and I will offer it to you

Editions Alchimiste

Five women for five intersecting destinies: mother, caregiver, policewoman, social worker and homeless person

Follow the story of five women who face death, illness, and the indifference of the suburbs, and who fight every day to get by.
Five women at the heart of a sadly banal drama, that of a mother, Anna, plunged into the violence of a daily life with no way out, who will try at all costs to get her son, Gabriel, out of this hell.
A story of choices, perilous and daring, where unforeseen events and wild hopes will turn entire lives upside down, with the hope of a new life in focus.
"I will pick life and offer it to you" is the winner of the 2021 edition of the Literary Murmurs contest.

literary fiction

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Like an unchanging rhyme that plays over and over again, and which she has become accustomed to: on the first day of the calendar, she has the impression of being rich, but from the third she doesn't know how she'll survive until the thirtieth; even in the middle of summer, her bank account is dry, before the tenth of the month. And then there's that cursed cash register that adds to the anxiety. The fault of the blanks, the absences, more and more frequent. Anna has a headache, she gently rubs her temples in concentric circles to make the twinges pass.


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