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Justice Fantôme


Remus survived the Bloody Friday attacks, but not his candor. His girlfriend Chloe denounces his self-destructive attitude, which he immediately demonstrates by leaving her house in the middle of the night, with his stomach full of rage and without a helmet. He crashes his motorcycle into the first ravine that comes along.
When Remus opens his eyes, he is neither in heaven nor in hell, but in a train station. Seven other passengers accompany him, also surprised to be alive. The train takes them to a purgatory that has all the makings of a clandestine place.
The host who welcomes them offers them a deal: a week's reprieve, the time for them to accomplish a mysterious quest. If they fail, they will resume their journey to the afterlife. If they succeed, their second chance becomes permanent. Just what Remus needs to rebuild his life and save his marriage.
Problem is, the nature of his mission will threaten his soul more surely than Bloody Friday.

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"The interactions are more than consistent, they are more often than not exciting."
"To the end, despite the impossible nature of the contract, we hope they all make it."
"The pacing and structuring of the story are excellent."


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