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Là où poussent les

where the poppies grow

Editions Alchimiste


Sebastien and Nadia seem to be in perfect love. But everything changes when Nadia disappears, without a trace, just after the birth of their daughter, Léa. Her last images are those of the hospital cameras which show her leaving the building, abandoning her daughter on the very day of her birth.
For three years, Sébastien searches desperately for her, lost in a life he no longer recognizes and where only Lea's joy offers him a lifeline to keep from sinking.
Until the day when, at last, an unthinkable beginning of an answer appears on the horizon.

literary fiction

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You know, time flies. It's a race you can't win. It's much, much too fast. So you shouldn't hesitate to sit on the side of the road and watch it and force it to take a break. When time stops, life catches up.

Where the Poppies Grow is above all a story of mad, timeless and passionate love, because Sebastien's love continues beyond time, no matter what happens, for his partner, Nadia, who he doesn't know what has become of in 3 years.
It is also the love he has for his 3 year old daughter, Léa, a little girl with a sunny disposition, which allows him to stay afloat morally in a life and daily life that are beyond him, pulling him down.


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