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L'Alchimie des énergies

The Alchemy of energies

Editions Alchimiste

This small treatise of energetics synthesizes several years of practice of Qi
gong, meditation and research that the author has conducted. It addresses
the question of how energy works within us, as well as between us and
the world. How does it circulate? How does it serve - or not - the spiritual
path? For this is the heart of the book: how to manage and transform the
energy within us so that it is available for the spiritual path.
The place of emotions, thoughts, premonitions and the way in which the
subtle bodies function and interact with each other will also be discussed.
It is not necessary to be a Taoist or even a Qi gong practitioner to read this
book, as it is intended for anyone interested in energetics and lay spirituality.

Non-fiction, spirituality

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A book that one tastes, savors in delectation of a source that fills the thirst if one is a seeker.
The author is the founder of a publishing house focused on spirituality. His knowledge is
delivered in a clear way to all seekers. A bedside book to stay awake. The reading demonstrates
the importance of emotions. Identify them, welcome them and let them flow through us in
order to transform these energies into more subtle energy. » - Avis Babelio


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