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L'invisible et l'homme du XXIe siècle

The invisible and the man of the XXIst century

Editions Alchimiste

Would reconnecting to our innermost being allow us to freely receive intuitions and guidance and thus actively participate in the emergence of new paradigms?

For several centuries, the culture and knowledge of the invisible world have been abused, persecuted, hidden and often lost. Since the early Middle Ages, everywhere in the West and then in every industrialized country, this popular wisdom has been obscured or destroyed. Rationalizing thought, scientism, taboos, memories of transgenerational traumas suffered have made our experience with the invisible complicated and confused. The weight of the past and the loss of knowledge have led to wanderings, forgetfulness and the taboos of the so-called modern society make it difficult to free ourselves from these shackles.

Between a return of intimate experience and a plea full of testimonies, the author tries to bring a light on the invisible world and our permanent link with it, whether we are conscious of it or not. Lionel Cruzille pleads for the knowledge of the invisible world to regain not only its letters of nobility, but also to take its place in society. This is to allow, in the same impulse, that humanity lives a healthy, durable and rich link with the invisible.

essay, spirituality

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Our shadows, fears, angers and desires are present and projected on all things, including the invisible. However, there is one point that differs radically between our daily reality and the invisible: the latter does not allow itself to be lured by our pretenses, our lies, our masks.


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