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La guilde des Ombres - Le Don de la Mort

Guild of Shadows

Plume Blanche

«We are all destined to the kiss of Death. Only the gods are immortal. »

The Guild of Shadows reigns over the miserable streets of Clepsydre, the City of Vices. These elfin assassins have been the armed arms of the Goddess of Death for five centuries. On this day, the Guild of Shadows welcomes a new recruit in its underground. For the first time in the history of Terreflamme, a human child is pressured to become a Shadow. If she fails to embrace this path, Death itself will come to claim its due.

dark fantasy

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"If you are unfortunate enough to meet the gaze of a Shadow, be sure to write your will in the three minutes you have left to live." Clepsydra folk saying

"This novel is for everyone. It includes all genres: fantasy, analysis, historical, realistic, adventure, detective. We follow simultaneously the story of several characters whose destinies cross and join. The plot is complex, so take the time to savor your reading. I have passed the baptism of blood, my assassin name is Polygraphe. I invite you to Terreflamme for a journey from which you will not return unscathed." Babelio review


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