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La Montagne sans retour

The Mountain withour return


What would I be willing to do for a promotion?
This is probably the question the hero of this adventure should have asked himself. In the hope of being taken seriously by his boss, he is going to embark on a sporting challenge called the "ultra raid". Obviously, many of his colleagues have already done it and for them it is a company tradition. Unfortunately, our hero does not have the soul of an adventurer and just the walk in the forest may turn into a drama... but, everything depends on the choices that the reader will make!
In addition to the choices, the reader will have to solve riddles to allow him to continue his journey. He will also have an inventory to manage with items that will open bonus chapters. In this story, each route will be different... but most won't take him home, unless he can really push his luck!

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"This is the first novel in this genre that I've read and my goodness, it's fabulous ingenuity."
"I had a hard time picking up this novel. Everything that is imagined and set up by the author is in its proper place."
"Depending on the journeys one takes, one is left with unanswered questions. It's great because it pushes us to do more than one!"
"You really feel immersed in the story, and you often feel the emotions felt by the main character. After I started, I couldn't stop and went through all of them without getting tired of it, certainly because the chapters are quite short and flow well."


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