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La romance de ma vie... Tu parles !

The romance of my life... You bet!

Black Ink

Farah Anah is one of those slightly sadistic authors who do not hesitate to make their characters suffer (for good reason).

Alizée, a successful author, but does not leave her house.
Alizée has an old rapist cat named Vampyr. Alizée only wears fluffy pajamas, no matter what some people think. Alizée doesn't like children, nor her parents, nor...
No, the list would be too long, let's stay on what she likes... Alizée loves peace and quiet, so she can't stand her hot neighbor who makes the girls scream after dark. They could show solidarity, after all! Alizée is going to fight with...

Ervin is handsome. Ervin is muscular. Women like Ervin and he knows it. WORSE! He takes full advantage of it! Ervin is incorrigibly arrogant. Ervin is a pain in the ass. Ervin has a neighbor who resists him, and he's determined to make her bend over... Except he didn't expect the Alizée phenomenon...

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"Despite the lightness of the title and the cover which remind us at every moment of the piquant jokes of the two main protagonists, the background is touching, sincere, real, REAL!" Lidwyyn @cosmebook
"This dinginess makes you smile, laugh, just magical scenes. The encounter with the natural and the superficial has its share of dark areas, quickly chased by all this brightness. But the duration of brightness varies, it is never permanent, this book is summer and winter." Graziella
"A real pleasure this story, skillfully mixing humor, tenderness and emotion." Analy
"This story is like a great breath of fresh air, with humor, great scathing lines, sometimes funny, sometimes stinging, acerbic. But there is also love in all its forms, sadness too, and a form of suspense. Totally under the spell!" Aurélia


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