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Laisser les vivants

Let the living

Editions Alchimiste

Suddenly awakened in the middle of the night, Lili and Julien quickly
realize that the cruise ship on which they are celebrating their honeymoon
is sinking. Panic-stricken, they try to reach the lifeboats. Thrown about in
the storm, fighting against the other passengers for their survival, Lili loses
sight of Julien and then everything goes dark. When she comes to, the sun
is shining brightly over her head and the sea is clear. Lili is on an orange
boat, surrounded by six other survivors. Unfortunately, Julien is not among
them. A long journey begins, between hope and sorrow. A wait stretching
to infinity, cradled on a sea of oil, clinging to these strangers. Waiting for
help to come, waiting for a coast, an island, to find dry land. For Lili, each
day that passes takes her further away from her husband, from the hope of
seeing him again. Lili struggles, Lili remembers her youth, her friends, her
husband, their meeting, their first kiss. Then, while all seems lost, strange
phenomena occur.

literary fiction

Releasing date : 







«A great read, hard to put down. The story may seem slow, but it tells so many
things and details that the bool becomes dense. The alternation between present
and memories is well done and gives to perceive the path of Lili, her life,
her emotions. It is an ode to life that takes shape over the pages.» - Imagin’encre


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