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Le Marteau des Sorcières

The Witches’ Hammer

Editions Alchimiste

1922 - Helena, a young aristocrat of 11, lives in London, her head immersed in her daydreams. Her parents, Sir Philip
Wilde, a passionate archaeologist, and her mother, Lady Cairstine Wilde, an eccentric young woman who is mainly
involved in charity work, have little time for their only daughter. When her grandmother, the Viscountess of Worcester,
invites her for the first time to her manor house in Pluckley for a winter vacation, Helena has no idea that her wild
imagination is about to become reality.
Accompanied by Tim, the kitchen clerk, and Miss Wakefield, her maid, they discover a strange manor surrounded by a
village that seems to have been abandoned by all lights. Mysteries lurk everywhere. To find a way out, they have to find a
talisman unique in the world, reputed to be very powerful and ancient. But this talisman is also coveted by a mysterious
character, nicknamed the «Black Mage», who acts in the shadows.
A race against time begins.

Children, Fantasy

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