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Le Porteur de Mort

The Deathbringer

Plume Blanche

When love drags the soul towards the Darkness...

At 17, Seïs Amorgen is nominated to incorporate the biggest brotherhood of Asclepion’s kingdom. If he says yes, he will become one of the best warriors of the monarchy. If he says no, he will stay the frivolous and arrogant boy playing with the robbers in his hometown. While the shadow is extending through the country, Seïs must take a decision which will impact his life, and he must faces his own demons.

Adultes, dark fantasy

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"Mantaore is not a prison. Think of it as an extraordinary learning center that will allow you to reach a freedom that you probably don't even know you have. Here you leave your potential unfulfilled." He gestured as if in great disappointment. "I am offering you the opportunity to live unbound from the chains with which you think you are bound, and to access a freedom that only your new status can confer."
"You rehearsed before coming," I scoffed. You claim that a Tenshin is free..." I had a mocking chuckle. "Don't take me for a fool. A Tenshin spends his time living in the mud, in the middle of a battlefield, or at court, polishing the shoes of the land lords.

« This first volume of the Deathbearer takes us into a complex and very interesting universe. The kingdom of Asclepion has its own history, its different inhabitants, its fauna, its flora... In short, a very well constructed universe! Angel Arekin plunges us in the subtleties of this universe little by little, distilling tracks and ideas here and there, which gives very desire to start the continuation as soon as possible, in order to have more details and answers.» - Avis Babelio


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