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Le sang des sauvages

The Savages' Blood

Black Ink

The young Sanae is nearing her ultimate goal: to join the Savage Task, Celestia's elite unit dedicated to the extermination of the Savages. This primitive people sow death and desolation, emerging from the forest to decimate the Celestians during bloody raids.
Her crusade comes up against a major obstacle: a warrior, implacable, dangerous, who tolerates no distraction, not even this attraction as irresistible as it is incomprehensible that binds them. Hate, desire, love and violence intertwine until the fighter can see the hidden side of the world through two golden eyes.
The cruel destiny plays with Sanae, but can her story overcome an ancestral hatred?

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"What can I say about this extraordinary story that moved me.
Violence, desire, love, sacrifice make this book a concentrate of feelings that hold you by the gut." Lamia

"Endearing characters, twists and turns, a dark fantasy world, complex characters with strong characters. I loved to hate Leith at times... A must read series, ABSOLUTELY must read." Charline

"The author soaks us in the fantastic universe of Alcibiades. This powerful story opens the doors of its peoples tortured by revenge and differences. Farah has an extraordinary pen and her words transport us into the limbo of this war where betrayal and trust are only a step away. This is a story awash with hope, love and diversity. Sanaé and Leith are like the fantastic 'Romeo and Juliet,' born in two different worlds." Lydia


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