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Les âtomes disséminés

The Disseminated Atoms


Responding to the Swan's call, Sophia, a prophetess in spite of herself, arranges to be arrested and thrown into prison. From then on, events follow one another for Edgar, Boris and Elizabeth, who are forced into an invisible war between two antagonistic powers.
Welcome to IVY's utopia. A world where men only work if they want to. Where being popular is enough to be rich. A world where health is a matter of course, universal peace and happiness a matter of good will. A perfect world?
Not for Edgar, tired of being the plaything of his P.U., an artificial intelligence that doesn't hesitate to override its functions. Not for Boris, a collector of pre-utopian art and a first-rate schemer for whom the society created by the all-powerful IVY has ankylosed humanity and destroyed its creative spirit. Nor for Elizabeth, whose daughter has been kidnapped by strange creatures that IVY seems to want to ignore.

Epidemic madness, forgotten artists, hosts and parasites, alien threats and serial abductions: Edgar and his friends will have their work cut out for them to uncover the dark workings of a misnamed Utopia.

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"Deeply human characters with fair and pointed development."
"I was especially charmed by her vivid writing style."
"The world the author has created is coherent and masterfully conducted from start to finish."


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