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Les Chimères du Printemps

The Master of Spring

Plume Blanche

The time has come to regain one's humanity

In Ireland, Maewyn coordinates spring during the first twenty-five days of March. However, the Master of Spring has never been able to completely let go of his former human existence. He longs for social relationships and a family life, and most of all he wishes is to return to normality. This year, he decides to do everything possible to recover his
humanity and reconnect with his friends.

Young Adult, fantastique

Releasing date : 








Suspended in the air, curled up on himself, the Master of Spring was living his last moments of Sleep.
A breath, longer than the previous ones, woke him up from his lethargy. The magic reactivated in all his being, waking him up for good.

I was eager to dive back into the Masters of Seasons universe to discover the spring one, with this sublime cover that attracted me so much!
Well, I was not disappointed!

With always this style both fluid and poetic, very soft, we dive into a completely different scenery than the one of Winter's Hindrances: the green landscapes of Ireland, the Trinity College and the famous Irish pubs!
A change of scenery, but not of universe: we get to know better the magical world behind the world's layout and I really enjoyed discovering this myriad of fabulous entities and characters that are still full of mysteries!


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