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Les Chroniques de Maugis

Maugis' chronicles

Noir D'absinthe

The year 776 of our era... Charles, king of the Franks and the Lombards, reigns with an iron fist. During this time, Maugis d’Aigremont lives in the forest of Ardenne with his small world. Despite his youth, his reputation as an enchanter continues to grow, even if it is somewhat overrated! And then one morning, everything changes: the horse Bayard bursts into his life. «Horse», you say? Well, if you value your slaughter, never say that word in front of him, because Bayard is a Faé, a giant creature protected by the fairies.

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«This horse of legend, its enchanter, this story with the tone of the twelfth century for facts having happened in the eighth. This constant underlying laughter and this historical truth. Hats off to you, Mr. Efratas... I would have appreciated 100 more pages! Special tribute to my Mom who told me about them... Bayard and the Aymon sons are part of a largely European culture, oral tradition, variants, but the author manages here to magnify them to such an extent that they can only meet us all.» - Babelio’s opinion


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