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Les Corbeaux

The Ravens

Editions Alchimiste

Since the storm, coastal towns in Northern France, partly devastated, have become the scene of strange phenomena.

Monstrous creatures now populate the areas ravaged by the ocean and some machines now seem to be endowed with life...
The inhabitants have adapted and life has been organized, without abandoning the steam engines that populate their daily lives. Nayeli Morin, a young girl with no family and no job, survives by stealing in Le Havre. Her trump card: she can communicate with the dead... and force them to reveal the hiding place of their meager possessions. She is a Raven, looking for a master who can train her. So she ends up meeting Reynard Bonniface, living in Cherbourg, where he works as a «specialized» investigator for the authorities. No sooner had she set foot in the store of this unusual character than a case was assigned to them. A corpse has been discovered near the Arsenal, a place where the perversion of machines reaches a level never seen before. Events quickly unfold and the two Ravens realize that the city is in great danger. But isn’t it already too late?

Young Adult, Fantasy, steampunk

Releasing date : 






Out of breath, she reached the iron-clad wooden gate that protected the entrance to the city. A pull-tab activated a bell hanging high above and Nayeli pulled on it like a madwoman.

I really enjoyed this universe between past, present and future. Lydie Blaizot succeeded in creating an anguishing climate as soon as the city is left behind the wall and the imagination must compensate for the lack of visibility of the sea with cleverly distilled details of what could be there.


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