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Les Entraves de l'Hiver

The master of Winter

Plume Blanche

Time has come to break his chains

Jack Frost has a plan. For centuries, he has only been around for a few weeks in December, making sure that winter goes smoothly before going back to sleep. But this year, he plans to confront the Guardian and change the course of his life forever. But his encounter with the girl in the red cap will turn all his plans upside down.

Young Adult, fantastique, romance

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"There is never a perfect time to take charge of your life. There is only the moment when you decide to take action to change. If you wait until everything in your life is right before you start, you risk missing out. Start your life when you want to, Mathilde."

« In summary, a novel full of gentleness, love, will, friendship and discoveries. Meet this unlikely couple and the magic that comes from it. You will not leave unharmed and above all you will have plenty of stars in your eyes» Lire une passion

« The author plays with the reader’s heart and conveys emotions accurately. The rhythm is soft and intense at the same time. The delicate and poetic nib is very pleasant to follow and leads the reader to a magical conclusion.» Booknote comment


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