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Les saisons sans toi

The seasons without you

Editions Alchimiste

In love since high school, Mathilde and Léo are calm and composed. Until
the day when everything changes in a few seconds. Carried away by a tidal
wave, Mathilde disappears at sea. They will never find her body.
Léo’s life collapses from one day to the next. Weeks go by but he can’t get his
head up, drowned in his dark thoughts and his remorse, which he considers a
cowardice: not to have succeeded in jumping in to save her, not to have died
in her place.
Relentlessly, life goes on and it goes on without Leo. The injunctions fall, the
vise tightens: work, his young son, his family.
Will he manage to make peace? Can we continue to live when the unthinkable
strikes us? Can we ever love again?

literary fiction

Releasing date : 







«The author’s pen is sensitive, flayed, raw. We let ourselves be carried by the words
(evils?) over the seasons. It’s a bare bones, awareness that gradually shows us that we
will get out. Seasons without you is a touching, moving novel that fully shows the suffering
of a loss and the long work that follows to rebuild.» - Des Plumes et des livres


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