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Plume Blanche

The survival of the magical world depends on her, even though she is unable to perform any incantation.

The city of Lyales lives to the rhythm of magic. It feeds the daily life of its inhabitants for the care, the
cooking, the movements... Nihile, Elisa is insensitive to magic. In this world where her future prospects
are limited, she finds happiness with Nathanaël, a master decryptor. However, his brutal death plunges
the young woman into deep distress because she is now the vessel of a thousand-year-old demon who
dreams of destroying the city and all its inhabitants.

Young Adult

Releasing date : 








"There are so many ways to repair a hole!"
"It is the same with magic, the goal is to make the fabric look like it used to, even if it is only an illusion or temporary. Here, we explain how to create something else, something aesthetic!"
Elisa glanced at what he was reading: diagrams of flowers embroidered to hide a snag were spread out in double-page spreads.

"Cursed is a novel I was looking forward to discovering. The story plunges us right into the heart of the matter. I was very surprised, I was looking forward to the action and twists but it did not come. On the contrary, we see Elisa and Adryan evolve. One changing the other by showing him a life without magic. This did not displease me, on the contrary. I was caught up in each word, living each moment spent with Elisa. It even made me think about our world and people addicted to technology."


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