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Mojunsha, Tome 1 : Panthère-des-ténèbres

Monjunsha, Panther of darkness

Noir D'absinthe

More than eight hundred years after the fall of the Panther Kings, the Kunji are the most despised caste in the Mojun Kingdom. Their attempts to overthrow the Mojunsha dynasty have all ended in failure. Japsaro, a descendant of the Panther-Kings, makes a terrible pact with Dark Panther, one of the Avatars of the Great God, in order to restore the Kunji to their former prestige. But is he ready to make all the sacrifices that Dark Panther asks of him in exchange for his support? And above all, is he really serving his cause or is he just a pawn in the struggles of the Avatars of the Great God?

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«The first volume of Mojunsha begins a mythical fantasy saga, a series that all fans of the genre cannot miss. It is original, dense, rich and very addictive. In addition to refreshing the codes of fantasy, it brings its share of geopolitical and family intrigues, but not without leaving some characters behind. You will follow their adventures, you will suffer with them, you will love and hate, you will evolve alongside them and, finally, you will fear for anyone, whatever their side. G.R.R Martin invented a crazy universe with Game of Thrones, but Sara Pintado revisits fantasy with Mojunsha. Are you ready for the rebellion? » - Papillion Voyageur


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