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Monsters women

Noir D'absinthe

Nestled in the hollow of the mother's breast, its cruel poison insinuates itself into the intimate milk, corrupting and perverting the very foundation of society. It is the devourer, the the feminine power of the shadow, feared and hunted in equal measure. Who is hidden behind these sometimes hideous, sometimes radiant features?
Descend with our authors into the catacombs of civilization, explore this fear of the feminine this fear of the feminine, excavate the taboos which dress it, ornament of flesh and blood, ornament of stupor and revenge...

Short Stories

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232 pages



In the head of a man, no woman in the world is capable of such savagery. As if these men had the monopoly of violence. One wonders if it is bullshit, denial, or just unconsciousness.

Each character takes us deep into the darkness of the monster's soul. All these stories show that a woman can be a monster. And a monster just as barbaric as a man if not more so. It is not a question of strength but of determination, madness, broken spirit... The stories are striking, several times made me cringe, if I had been in the cinema, I would have covered my eyes!


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