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Myrina Holmes

Myrina Holmes

Black Ink

This urban fantasy brilliantly combines a richly imaginative world, hot and sexy romance, humor, and an exciting plot. Triss' exploration of the seven deadly sins and seven cardinal virtues has captured the hearts of over 25,000 readers.

I'm Myrina Holmes, Infernum's finest Stalker, charged with neutralizing the supernatural creatures that flout our laws. In my world, demons are legion! Fourteen to be precise: seven dedicated to the cardinal virtues and seven dominated by the deadly sins. As a marginal hybrid, I don't belong to either camp, which suits me. I love my job and my life on Earth when I'm not on a mission. Except, of course, when mysterious corpses literally fall from the sky to rack my brain and my succubus half-sister starts dating the most despicable Hybresang ever, Kelen Wills. A super-powered sinner, commander-in-chief of an elite army, he doesn't embody ONE cardinal sin, no: he has all seven! With a predilection for lust, anger, pride and gluttony, but keep this detail to yourself... In short, the odious character has taken it into his head to seduce me, probably because I am the only woman to resist his dubious charms. This Hybresang can always go to hell, because I have other midnight demons to whip.

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"I literally devoured the 3 volumes. No time to breathe, nor to be bored. Everything is perfectly mastered! Whether it is the plot, the characters, the investigations, and the relationship between Myri and Kel, everything is absolutely divine and intense. I literally fell under the spell of this very very very sexy and very very annoying Hybresang at the same time. Various emotions and sensations ran through me. I laughed, cried, screamed and loved along with the protagonists. I had a great time reading it." Floe
"What a trilogy! It's not a crush, it's a blast! Anna is an author with a vivid imagination, what a writing! I enjoyed it from beginning to end! The 3 volumes are fabulous! No down time, the characters are captivating. It's a pure delight! V. Spades


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