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No Man's Land

No Man's Land


Since the World War III, Winter reigns without end on Earth. Men and women, separated into two distinct societies, fight for the ruins of this icy universe.
At the center of this game that overtakes them, two pawns seek to survive. Aya and Ansel, trained for war and raised in the hatred of the adversary, climb the ladder of two worlds that were never meant to cross.
In this conflict, everything is a weapon: History is at the service of whoever tells it. Language, bodies and symbols shape the image of soldiers and their enemies. "He" has to fight, "she" has to fight, to hold on, always. For the survival of their species.

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"The settings are believable, and the reader feels totally immersed in this dark and chaotic winter."
"A beautiful book that, through intelligent writing, delivers an intelligent message."
"Here, the inclusive writing is neither claiming nor ideological, but it is an integral part of the novel. It is a plus, a superb find in the same way as a setting or a character."


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