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Nos âmes Louves

Wolf's souls

Black Ink

With this bit-lit, Juliette Pierce plunges us into a Scandinavian universe where passion and magic come together. From Denmark to Norway, the god Odin and Nordic mythologies accompany the reader on a journey populated by werewolves, but also and above all, by love. This is not a story to be read but one to be experienced.

Freya lives with her pack in the icy forests of Norway. Cursed by the Norse gods, she is unable to transform into a wolf. Against all odds, the handsome Cain, heir to a powerful rival pack, becomes her ally. But their relationship is shattered during a terrible night that forces her to flee and abandon her people.
As if being a half-wolf wasn't enough, the death of her mother, her alpha, leaves her no choice. She must return to her land, confront Cain and take the reins of her pack.
Determined to follow her destiny, Freya's determination is shaken when an alpha with a dark aura arrives in town to propose a mysterious pact. The ink on her skin hypnotizes her more than reason and she loses her footing.
Torn between her heart and her destiny, she questions everything. The Nordic gods have already deprived her of her wolf nature; would they be able to precipitate her towards her fall? Today, they warn her: some passions end in blood.

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"A haunting read.
The mysteries of Scandinavian prophecies and legends - the fast-paced action - the magic present in every facet of these lupine beings... and this magnificent love story. I am spellbound by Juliette Pierce's writing!" Letie

"Juliette delivers a completely addictive story, full of magic and Nordic tales, the rhythm is perfect, the plot thought out to the smallest detail, the word love and protective instinct take on a whole new meaning here. I experienced such powerful sensations, a real shot of adrenaline, passion and sadness, this virtuoso of words was able to wring more than one tear from me, to make me feverish as never before and to make me travel through this lupine world, it was a great moment of escape. Eloise


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