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One Kiss

One kiss

Black Ink

One Kiss is the story to devour par excellence to spend a chill moment!

Kissing my ex-brother-in-law. This is the idea of the century that my best friend found to get him out of my head. That's right, I'm desperately in love with my ex's brother. Note: I've always hated him, he's always hated me. Yet, tonight, we are here, he and I. Because unfortunately, he is handsome, sultry, so sexy, and on top of that he is a veterinarian... A kiss. Just one kiss that was supposed to rid me of this unhealthy fantasy! It seemed like a good idea, on paper. In the real world, it's a rotten idea.
What if after I kissed him, I, Cleo, declared my obsession with Sevan officially reinforced? Please, no...

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"We kiss, and then that's it! We agree on that, right?
"Do you think that's enough?" he asks me. "What do I do with my hands?"
"Your... hands? What do you mean?"
"Yes, my hands. You know, the things at the end of my arms," he quips. "Where should I put them while I... sorry... you kiss me? On your breasts?"
"Because you, when you kiss a girl for the first time, you touch her breast directly?"

"I simply devoured this thunderous read, carried by a pen that knows how to make feelings come alive with intensity. Characters with strong characters, a not so simple story and twists and turns." Esmeralda

"All the ingredients are there to spend an excellent moment of reading in which the author grabs us from the first lines with a smile that immediately makes us also a beautiful flight of butterflies in the belly. Because we know, from the prologue, that this reading is going to be the bomb! Carine


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