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Pestes soit des lutins

Cursed pixies!


Bounty hunters usually avoid getting involved with the Pixies Plague, the most dangerous criminal organization on the Old Continent. However, when the youngest member of the Leprechaun family at the head of the Plague gets into trouble by misplacing a troublesome witness, Louis Balthazar can't resist the call of justice and the hefty bounty it promises. So he sets off on a hunt in his air ship, accompanied by his companions, Bubel and Pic, two very strange creatures.
But in this fantastic and merciless universe where science is mixed with magic, where, in the skies, steamers replace dragons, where firearms are used more readily than swords, and where trolls dress in three-piece suits, nothing is simple and the hunters can very quickly become the prey...
Your humble servant, friend reader, already promises you a journey in a fabulous world, with many twists and turns, among which aerial fights between steel monsters and furious chases... Are you ready to hunt the Goblin, a vile and perverse being, impulsive and notoriously violent ? Are you ready to ride a giant spider and fly from wire to wire through a forest of skyscrapers in the middle of a giant crater? Are you ready for all this... and more?
Come on, it's a tempting deal, isn't it?

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"Guillaume Leduc has created a unique university! This universe we only want to return to!"
"The characters are deep, even the secondary ones have a rare thickness."
"I strongly invite you to come aboard the Elizabeth Summer, you won't regret it."


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