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Ray Shepard

Plume Blanche

If your heart is driven by revenge, what happens to your soul?


A corrupted world.

The one in which each inhabitant rubs shoulders with the second half of his soul: a spectrum of animal fluid.

This world is that of Ray Shepard, an alchemist in search of power, whose steps are guided by hatred and the thirst for revenge.

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- How could I forget? You don't understand. No matter how much I turn the page, I will always be in the same book. The beginning of my story will always be the same, my present will not change. As for my future, it is up to me to write it.

"To come back to the novel, the universe and the characters set up by Morgane Rugraff are absolutely brilliant! and the plot is not in rest! In spite of the great number of characters presented (we have to associate each time the name of the character and his animal - I say animal to simplify, but it is much more complex -) we are not lost at any moment. Morgane plays with her characters, about whom we learn little by little, she makes the paths and links of life cross and surprises us more than once in the discovery of elements allowing us to make a whole bunch of assumptions that we can't wait to verify! "


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