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Black Ink

Manon Donaldson confirms with this book her title of queen of suspense.

Jackson, an arrogant and talented trader, leads his career at a hundred miles an hour, and consumes his multiple conquests at the same pace. Until a mysterious computer genius invades every corner of his daily life and proposes a perverse power game. If he initially treats the hacker's threats with contempt, he soon realizes that he now has something to lose: Charlotte, the first woman who can arouse real feelings in him. Will he be able to fight on unequal terms against the omnipresent threat that hangs over them?

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"This novel is simply gripping. Blending suspense and romance to perfection, this one was able to unsettle me and make my head spin to the point of losing me. Totally." Delion
"Manon Donaldson signs a surprising romance where the incongruous invites itself, knocking me off my feet. A cloistered and tense atmosphere where the evolution of the characters upsets. And a sick twist! A moving and mind-boggling read! A game where the rules are defined only by madness and destruction!" Esmeralda
"It's addictive and even after I finished with all my answers, I still wanted more. This book turned my brain upside down, got me hooked, It thrilled me, it transported me, captivated me and I loved it!" Borgnon


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