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Plume Blanche

Only one will have the right to live.

Shaken by the violence of climatic conditions, the extinction of thousands of species and the depletion of its resources, the Earth is crying out in alarm. Faced with this distress and in a last hope of survival, humans establish new social arrangements. If America sees bloody purges, Europe announces the creation of the Systra law.
Callie is born in this world. An intelligent girl, loved by her parents, her destiny changed with the arrival of her forbidden little sister, Kaya. Thus, the Systra law is applied: the children will be separated, raised far from their parents, according to very different customs, only to meet again a few years later: the day when they will have to face each other.
Only one must remain. The other must disappear. Forever

Young Adult

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He is dangerous and will not hesitate to hurt you. I know he wants me to disappear from his life entirely, I never blamed him for that, after all, they condition us to hate each other.

A breathtaking novel that has nothing to envy to a Hunger Games in terms of tension! [...] The tension is omnipresent in the plot and the two points of view that alternate reinforce it: we have the version of one of the sisters, then the other, they are supposed to be enemies. We become attached to both of them and dread the moment they meet, throughout the book. It's really clever and very well executed. Once you start reading, it's very hard to stop.


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