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Plume Blanche

What if the plant world turned against us?

Thiziri is called «White» by her relatives because she was born an albino in this hostile world. The Elders tell that the Ekomers have invaded the earth and changed the genetic code of all the fauna and flora. Now recluse under a dome, the humans protect themselves from an aggressive fauna and a living flora, at the boot of the Ekomers. Thiziri is a Reaper, she hunts and feeds her people. Well... that’s her life until she discovers this vast ocean which should not be in the middle of the African continent... Then, one day, she escapes from the ceremony of commemoration of her people, which is formally forbidden, and she sees it. This planet close to theirs... then she understands: the Ancients lied to them, they are not on Earth... and if the invaders were not the invaders she always believed?

Young Adult, fantastique

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The villagers need me to eat. A deer could feed my kind for weeks. And I don't know if the other Reapers will return from their expedition with what they need. On the one hand, I am the most talented of them, and on the other, there are fewer and fewer of us who dare to leave the Dome.

I really find the choice of this character and her characteristics, really judicious. I liked her right away. We discover the universe with her eyes. The descriptions are borrowed of realism, it is enough to close the eyes and we can find ourselves in this hostile jungle. [...] I devoured the second part of the book quite quickly. Alexiane de Lys's writing is still as gripping as ever. I wanted to know more about the discoveries that Thiziri is going to make. The turnaround that we undergo in this part, is really great. I can't wait to find out what happens next.


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