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Dégénérescence / Breakdown

Léna Jomahé

Plume Blanche

#Fantasy #Young Adult #SickLitt #Princess

Addy is young, beautiful, and the heir of the American kingdom. Unfortunately, she has a fatal disease, the Vital Organs Breakdown. Her only hope would be a transplant, but this will mean stealing someone else’s life. Julian is a smart boy, but subversive. Born in the slum, he is ready to do everything to take down the royal family.
They shouldn’t have met.


Rights Agreements



''A reason that would allow her to live with this operation. This reason was very clear: she would have her life saved, but in exchange, she would fight for the others. So that they have a better life. So that everyone would finally have the same rights and live fairly."

''"Addy, how can you talk to father like that?" offended Elise. How can you defend a criminal? He deserves to die, and I still want to say that his death could have been more terrible than the one awaiting him.
I don't remember asking your opinion. I'm not surprised by your reaction, though. Not seeking to understand, not looking beyond appearances, not wanting to hear that the world we live in is unfair. I would have greatly preferred to be born in a house, or even to grow up in an outside area; today I would not be disgusted by my own family.'

«A young adult that moved me to tears. I hoped, so much hoped. I screamed, cried, raged, growled... In short, this page-turner is a real little treasure!» Babelio’s opinion

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