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Identités / Identities

C.S Sizel

Plume Blanche

#Young Adult #Dystopia #Fear

Discretion. Fear. The rules have changed.
The territory is divided between different gangs that hold the
streets with an iron fist. This is Lia’s world, and if she wants
to survive it, she’ll have to adapt.


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«I am conquered by Sizel’s writing. If she is epic at times, fluid most of the time, she knows how to be modest in the key moments, thus increasing the emotions tenfold, like the fall of the novel that I reread twice because it moved me so much! Moreover, I can only savor the last wink of the author to her readers: if the deep meaning of the title appears to us quite quickly, we really understand the prologue only in the light of the epilogue and this loop constitutes the high point of the reading, in my opinion, bringing us a little closer to Lia even as we leave her. I won’t keep the suspense going any longer, this novel is a wonderful nugget! It has everything: the universe, the characters, the twists and turns with always this sense of measure and balance that allows it to touch us in the heart by its accuracy. I came out of it blown away! » - Avis Babelio

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