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De larmes et de cendres / Ashes and tears


Oxanna Hope

Plume Blanche

#Young Adult #Dystopia #Family

Paulownia grew up under the protection of the Supreme Leader. Even though her family is deprived of electricity and comfort, they all live for the well-being of the Chief. While mining with her little sister, Paulownia finds herself trapped when a cave collapse. Crawling underground to free themselves, the two girls find themselves outside their borders and are taken over by rebels, whose goal is to destroy the dictatorship and save the imprisoned population. It’s a shock for Paulownia, who finds it hard to believe everything she hears, but when her little sister dies because of the Supreme Leader’s installations. Everything changes.


Rights Agreements


"In the end, even though our respective feelings don't play out for the same reasons, the outcome is the same. It brings out the darker side of us and our actions."


"The characters are extremely realistic and, if Dehan remains mysterious, the story being carried by Paulownia's voice, we become one with the young girl whose constant questioning and reactions are meticulously dissected, making us experience in great detail the maelstrom of feelings that are jostling inside her. She makes us sympathize with this stubborn and lost young woman, who has become a new Paulownia, at the cost of tears and ashes.
The end of the plot is just crazy! Oxanna puts everything in perspective between the "I knew it!" that make you smile and the reversals of situation that we didn't see coming for a second! The pretenses are everywhere, the manipulations too! Here it is a question of power, of luxury to excess, of men who play at gods and whose pawns are the inhabitants already so much bullied of the Shilla. Greed has no price, and especially not that of blood. And with these last words... I'm ready to dive into the second volume!" - You can read

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