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À ma vie, à ta mort / My life, your Death

Sandra Trinamé

Plume Blanche

#Fantasy #Gods #Myths #Thriller

A mutilated corpse covered of Greek symbols, referring to Hades, has been found in a cellar in New York. Mike Sullivan is the young policeman in charge of this case, leading him directly to the World Trade Center, on the fateful day of September 11, 2001. Instrument of fate or not, and even if Death is pretty, Mike must solve this case, using path no one ever toke before him.


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French Canada



"It was totally addictive, I didn’t even wanted to go to work, I wanted to know! I was even eating while reading, much to the delight of my colleagues haha If you like thrillers! Buy this book! It’s a diamond in the rough, a nugget that you want to finish quickly, but at the same time that you take the time to discover, and that you enjoy with immense pleasure. I just want to say : bravo !! thousand times bravos !"

"A great novel that reads very easily, original in its development, endearing characters, funny passages, others violent and harder ... an immersive story that we can only discover with pleasure!"

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