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Angel Arekin

Plume Blanche

#Fantasy #Fantastic #DarkFantasy

At 17, Seïs Amorgen is nominated to incorporate the biggest brotherhood of Asclepion’s kingdom. If he says yes, he will become one of the best warriors of the monarchy. If he says no, he will stay the frivolous and arrogant boy playing with the robbers in his hometown. While the shadow is extending through the country, Seïs must take a decision which will impact his life, and he must faces his own demons.


Le Porteur de Mort / The DeathBearer

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"He shook my hand. I opened my eyes and looked at him, dumbfounded. My lower lip quivered; my mouth was dry as a desert. My whole body trembled against his. When he leaned his face towards mine, a storm was rising from every part of my body"

"Why aren't you in bed at this hour?" he asks me.
I shrug, looking at the lake waters moving in the caress of the wind. "I guess because I can smell when you're bleeding.
"Revenge sometimes takes on strange faces," he answers me before falling back into silence.


« This first volume of the Deathbearer takes us into a complex and very interesting universe. The kingdom of Asclepion has its own history, its different inhabitants, its fauna, its flora... In short, a very well constructed universe! Angel Arekin plunges us in the subtleties of this universe little by little, distilling tracks and ideas here and there, which gives very desire to start the continuation as soon as possible, in order to have more details and answers.» - Avis Babelio

"How am I going to keep from going straight to the next volume? A very big favorite for this first reading of Angel Arekin. Seïs is a non-consensual character who is far from the archetype of the fearless and blameless hero. The bases of the universe are now laid and the story will be able to develop. The little Japanese touch adds an exotic touch."

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