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Les Princes de feu / Princes of fire

J. Robin 

Plume Blanche

#Fantasy #Young Adult #Pirates

Kylian is the crown prince of the Kingdom of Fire. Handsome, tall, muscular, attractive, he has everything to please and become a worthy ruler... If only he could care and possess a gift of Fire worthy of his family name. His youngest brother, Samir, is ready to do anything to ensure the future of his kingdom, even to make a pact with a Djinn, those cursed, evil creatures. Unfortunately, every act has consequences. The Djinn’s hold becomes total and the whole kingdom is in danger. Kylian then undertakes a journey during which he will meet the sparkling Cora, a pirate with a strong character. A journey of piracy follows in the colors of the myths of the East.


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French Canada



« And we can say that at that moment, J. Robin sends a heavy load! Suddenly, more complex issues appear, and we find ourselves embarked in events that exceed us... and the characters! »

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