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Louise Le Bars, Laurent Cazuguel - Le Prince sans sourire - 9782490417469.jpg

Le Prince sans sourire / The Prince without a smile

Louise le Bars

Noir d'Absinthe

#Children #Prince #Love

In the land of Mont-Breloc, life is difficult for its inhabitants. The kingdom is ruled by a family that is far too rich. Until the day when Barbatine the witch will change everything...


Rights Agreements



«The Prince without a Smile is an extremely original tale that takes us on a journey through a magical universe and shares a story with strong messages that will touch children and make them grow up!» Elo-Dit

«If you are still looking for a last Christmas gift for children, I can only recommend it. Because The Prince Without a Smile is a wonderful message for little ones. Learning from others and discovering that even the bad guys can be good at heart. I fell in love with the moral and I would have loved to have this little nugget on my children’s shelf» - Babelio’s opinion

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